Revenue Dealer LLC is an Affiliate Marketing company. We have headquartered in Reno, Nevada, USA but operating worldwide. Our services help content creators, publishers, and bloggers analyze their traffic. We urge you to read the whole privacy policy.

By visiting our Privacy Policy, you have taken the primary step in instructing yourself about advertising businesses such as ours that contribute to the Internet's ability to endure largely an ecosystem of free content, as well as to offer a better user experience for consumers.

Revenue Dealer LLC, or any of its subsidiaries, including RevenueDealer LLC ("Revenue Dealer," "we," "us," or "our"), provide online affiliate marketing services. To do this, we follow data usage habits based on two beliefs: first, that protecting user privacy is necessary to the growth and success of the Internet; second, that a personalized web experience can provide important advantages to Internet end users if done properly. As per these beliefs, Revenue Dealer creates results for advertisers and publishers in revolutionary ways without compromising individual privacy.

We take the individuals' privacy interests very seriously, whose information we receive throughout our services. We provide this Privacy Policy to describe how we use and maintain the information collected through our services and what benefits users have to control how their information is used and shared.

I. For Clients and Publishers :

The Revenue Dealer's network includes our clients and publishers involved in advertising campaign transactions. The information collected from clients and publishers, such as name, phone number, and email address, is necessary to conduct business. Payments made to and from the Payment gateway require the collection of Personally Identifiable Information that may include credit card numbers and information related to a bank account. Revenue Dealer may utilize phone numbers for sales or inventory acquisition objectives. This information is gathered, modified, and saved in a password-protected environment and is used for purposes including service, contact, billing, media delivery, and accounts payable. We will not trade, exchange, or rent this information to non-revenue dealer entities. All client and publisher information gathered for these ideas are explicit, intentional, manually entered, and opted-out.

III. Information Sharing: :

The client and publishers information is not shared with any third party outside Revenue Dealer and its affiliated companies, besides for that essential to conduct business, such as clearing a credit card transaction for an advertising campaign marketing or making a direct deposit to pay a publisher, or as required by law. This data's security is essential to our success in the highly competitive field of online advertising. Revenue Dealer may, from time to time, use pages to identify clients or publishers by business identity.

IV. RevenueDealer Communications :

We send a welcome mail to all new clients and publishers to verify password and user name. We may communicate with you about the program or other information at the contact information you provide. We also email individuals who have provided us with their contact info to communicate information about Revenue Dealers' services.

V. Your Nevada USA Rights and Choices :

Without being distinguished against for applying these rights, USA citizens have the right to demand that we disclose what personal information we receive from you, to delete that data, and to opt-out of the sale of your own information, subject to certain limitations. You also have the right to appoint an agent to execute these rights on your support. This section explains how to apply those rights and our method for handling those calls, to the intensity of acting as a "business" (as opposed to a "service provider") for purposes of handling personal information. (To the extent authorized by relevant law, we may charge a fair fee to comply with your demand.)

VI. Right to request deletion of your personal data :

You may also ask that we delete any secret information that we received from you, including information given to us by our patrons. (Note that this is different from your right to "opt-out" of us marketing your personal information, which has defined earlier; also note that we don't generally gather personal information directly from user, in which case "deletion" rights generally do not apply. However, we may maintain personal information for some important objectives, such as:

  1. 1. To protect our business, operations, and users from fraudulent activity.
  2. 2. To resolve technical issues that damage existing functionality (such as debugging purposes).
  3. 3. As necessary for us, or others, to exercise their free speech or other rights.
  4. 4. To comply with law enforcement requests according to lawful process.
  5. 5. For scientific or historical research analysis.
  6. 6. For our self internal purposes reasonably related to your relationship with us or comply with legal necessities.
  7. 7. As essential to comply with client contracts, including allowing advertisers to compensate publishers for driving traffic to their web properties properly.

VII. Relevant Advertising Opt-Out:

You may opt-out of our marketing databases if we market to you by email, in our corporate capacity – such as if you are a client or proposed customer and we send news about our services offering – you may "unsubscribe" from our promotional emails through a link located in your emails.

VIII. Privacy Rights and Choices for Consumers :-

Customers whose personal information has been submitted to RevenueDealer by one of our clients who want to exercise any rights they may have under relevant laws should inquire immediately with the relevant Customer. If consumers wish to request RevenueDealer directly, they should provide the RevenueDealer Client's name that the request refers to. We will refer the application to that Client and support them as required to respond to the request within a sensible timeframe.

IX. Retention :

RevenueDealer holds your information for as long as you have an active account with us or as needed to provide you the services you asked for. We will retain and manage your information to comply with our legal responsibilities, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

We will hold the merest amount of personal information required to maintain your opt-out record if you choose to opt-out of our communications.

X. Contact Us :

RevenueaDealer has a designated privacy contact. To ask questions about RevenueDealer's privacy policy or to request more information on RevenueDealer's privacy practices, email us or send correspondence to:

USA Office:-

Revenue dealer LLC,
Nevada, USA
5470 kietzke lane
Reno NV 89511
STE 300

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